Privacy Policy

Our Advertising Partners

We've got the best advertisers. Some of them use cookies and web beacons, and they each have their own Privacy Policy – check them out below. We make it easy for you, so we hyperlinked to their Privacy Policies.

Advertising Partners Privacy Policies

Take a look at this list to find out what each of our tremendous advertising partners is up to in terms of Privacy Policy. They use things like cookies, JavaScript, and Web Beacons in their ads and links. It's high-tech stuff, measuring the effectiveness of their ads and making what you see online personalized.

Now, here's the deal

We don't control these cookies from our third-party advertisers, okay? Read all the Terms about it.

Third-Party Privacy Policies

Our Privacy Policy doesn't cover other advertisers or websites. It just doesn't. So, if you want the nitty-gritty details, check out the Privacy Policies of those third-party ad servers. Learn about their practices and how to opt-out if that's your thing.

CCPA Privacy Rights (Do Not Sell My Personal Information)

Californians, listen up! You've got rights under the CCPA – like knowing what personal data businesses collect and telling them to stop selling it. If you're in California and want to flex those rights, contact us, and we've got one month to get back to you.

GDPR Data Protection Rights

Everybody, you've got rights too. Access your data, correct it, erase it – you name it. We're here to help. Contact us, and we'll respond in a month. It's that simple.

Children's Information

We love kids, folks. But listen, we don't knowingly collect any Personal Identifiable Information from kids under 13. Parents, if your little ones spill the beans, let us know, and we'll clean up the mess.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

We might tweak our Privacy Policy, so check this page for updates. We'll let you know about changes right here, and they're effective right away. It's a winner, just like everything we do.